What are the products sold on NativeKart.com?

NativeKart brings you home freshly prepared delicacies including sweets, savories, Masala powders, Pickles, and a host of other gourmet food varieties that preserve the traditions and authenticity of each and every dish.

Is NativeKart an Indian company?

Of course, it is. The company is based in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India.

Do you have a physical store?

Nope, we only deal with online sales and do not have a bricks and mortar store.

Where do these products come from?

NativeKart, as the name suggests, makes sure to bring you foods from the native. Say, you need Srivilliputhur Palkova, we bring you the authentic sweet straight from freshly prepared stores of Srivilliputhur town.

Do you have Cash on Delivery option for buyers?

Yes, we do.

How long does it take for dispatching the orders?

As you know, we bring you authentic packages straight from the city of origin of the item you have ordered. Hence, we make sure to follow a quick process to dispatch your orders within stipulated time period as mentioned in your bill. This may also depend on other factors including climatic conditions, festival season, and the like.

Besides snacks, what are the other items available for sale on NativeKart?

We are here to deliver traditional utensils like Mortar and Pestel sets, Soapstone cookware sets, Soapstone Dosa Tawa, Kuzhipaniyaram Maker, host of clay items including water bottles, storage containers, Kadai sets, water pots, etc.

The products sold on Nativekart.com are claimed to be fresh, say how?

We have systematized our processes in such a way that we deliver the goods with utmost freshness straight as we procure them. We never stock our products. We rather procure only upon your orders. We accept the fact that it is very time consuming, but this process is practiced in order to preserve the product freshness and add more credibility towards our services.

How do you assure prompt deliveries of our orders?

We have joined hands with trusted logistics partners to assure prompt and delivery of products with all essentials preventive protocols at this pandemic situation.

How do you source products for our orders?

We basically aggregate products from different vendors. Say, you have placed an assorted order for one sweet from Thirunelveli and one utensil from Coimbatore, we have our logistics partners to procure them, do the quality check, pack them and consign the same to you as per given delivery timeline.

Do you make refunds in case of cancellation or return?

Yes, we allow money refunds. This however depends on a few conditions like extreme delay in delivery beyond given timeline, non-availability of products, or other scenarios that are rational. For more details on refunds, please check our ‘Cancellations and Refund’ policy.

Do you accept bulk orders?

Yes, we do. In case you need products in bulk, you may contact our Sales team at [email protected]. And our representatives shall reach out to you and do the needful.

I am from the USA, can I place orders from NativeKart?

Of course, we ship to the USA and other international countries. We have partnered with international logistics to make these deliveries. However, a few products such as milk-based items and others that have very low shelf life are not shipped abroad. Please excuse us for the same.

How do I track my orders?

Your orders can be tracked at www.nativekart.com/OrderTracking

How can I get in touch with your customer support?

We have 24*7 chat support system available on our portal to give assistance and attend to your queries, doubts and concerns at any time as you wish.

Where from do you procure products?

We reiterate the fact that we procure authentic products native of specific regions. With that being said, each item is sourced from their respective native region of origin. They are then carefully packaged and dispatched to customers. To articulate in specific, Thirunelveli Halwa is sourced from Thirunelveli district, Srivilliputhur Palkova is sourced from Srivilliputhur Town, and so on. And when it comes to other generic items like Masala powders or spices or others, we source them out of specific regions that prepare them at the best.

Please note on your packaging procedures

We absolutely take no compromise in the quality of packaging, because this is ultimately the soul of safe delivery. Hence, we package using carton boxes that assures damage-free and hassle-free delivery of products.

How do I become a vendor with NativeKart?

Yes, interested vendors can contact and partner with us. We strive to serve our customers with first-grade products and cater to their diverse needs. For this, we have curated an option called ‘Be our vendor’ that allows you to reach out to us and describe the products you deal with. If you think your product will have huge demand in the market and customers would love its quality, you will have high chance of becoming our vendor. Once you approach us, our team shall get back with the necessary furtherance of the process. As you begin sales on our platform, you are sure to make regular sales from time to time. For more details, you may contact our sales team at [email protected].