Terms and Conditions

Given below are the prominent terms and conditions that the users of www.NativeKart.com are to abide by as they use our online portal to browse our products or place an order for products of your choice. It is to be noted that these terms and other policies are mentioned on our website in accordance with the Information Technology Act of 2000.

By using the contents of our website, it directly indicates your complete acceptance of our terms and conditions. We kindly request our website users to cease activities on our websites if you do not have acceptance with the terms and conditions as mentioned on this page.

Mentioned below are the terminologies used in the Terms and Conditions, Return Policy, Privacy Policy, Disclaimers and other Agreements on Nativekart.com:

The person who uses this website with or without a login credential is referred to as the ‘Client’, ‘You’, ‘Customer’, or ‘Your’. And to refer to ourselves i.e. NativeKart, words of indication such as ‘The ompany’, ‘Our Company’, ‘We’, ‘Us’, ‘Ours’, ‘Our’, and ‘Ourselves’ are used throughout this document and our entire website. As a combined indication of users and NativeKart, we may use terms including ‘Party’, ‘Parties’, or ‘Us’.

Nativekart.com reserves all the right to add, remove or amend our terms and conditions at any point in time with or without notice to our users. Hence, we advise our users to revisit our Terms and Conditions from time to time to be updated with our up-to-the-minute amendments, if any.

It is to be noted that the users shall hold complete responsibility of maintaining the confidentiality of user credentials including user ID and password, and the complete range of activities performed on our website under the respective user profile.

NativeKart.com shall reserve all the right to unprecedentedly block, suspend, terminate or remove user accounts under circumstances where we learn that the user information shared are untrue, inappropriate, not updated or incomplete either fully or partially.

As user of this website, it also means that the user shall bring it to our notice if you experience or suspect any unauthorized use of your user account or find any breach of security.

NativeKart shall not hold any responsibility in case of any loss or damage incurred during your course of our website usage. Also, by agreeing to communicate with us via mail or website chat, you also share your approval to receive our periodical notifications and messages in electronic form.

We would also like to clarify to our customers that we do not demand any fees for getting registered on our website. And NativeKart holds the complete right to launch, amend or remove any of our policies practiced on our website which may or may not be charged. The fees charged on our website shall be quoted in INR unless we make any notification of other currencies. As users, you shall be liable to comply with all the applicable legalities practiced in India for payments pertaining to our website.

As users on our website, you agree to provide ‘only’ authentic information and guarantee not to infringe any property right, or other legalities of any kind.

Furthermore, as a user of NativeKart.com, you agree that you shall make use of our website for posting or uploading information or files that are appropriate, and not use any defaming, abusive or harassing language. You also assure not to stalk or threaten any other users or hosts on our website or violate any legalities in your course of activities on our website. Any information thus shared by users on our website shall not be malicious, indecent, unlawful or defamatory of any kind. Also, the files uploaded on

our website if and when necessary do not fall under the intellectual property laws, and that you completely own them or possess pre-required rights and consents to share the same.

You also agree not to share or distribute files that are virus attacked, corrupted or any other software that may cause deteriorating effects on our website or the electronic device that it accessed from.

As a user on our website, you have the right to read or refer to the contents posted by other users, but not make use of the same or distribute legally. Users on our website shall also not violate any code of conduct that are applicable to specific services, and shall not infringe any legal rules and regulations within or outside India.

At any point of time, users are not allowed to violate or manipulate the contents of this terms and conditions for any reason.

Any file available on NativeKart.com, be it image, or other file format shall not be downloaded, reproduced or used elsewhere by any user without formal written consent at our end.

Payment Terms

As you initiate a transaction with NativeKart.com by placing your order for purchase of any product(s), you electronically enter into a legal binding and extend your acceptance to pay the respective seller by making online payment via the issuing bank using our Payments facility on the website.

In the course of making the payment for the order placed on our website, shall there be any decline or hindrance in authorization, or issue in making the transaction with the issuing bank of the customer, NatikeKart.com will not be liable or responsible in sorting the same, or in making any refund or payment approval.

In circumstances where a product purchased on Nativekart.com is non-delivered because of non- availability or hindrance at your end, the customer shall be solely liable in incurring the extra cost towards re-delivery of the same product.

Neither Nativekart.com shall also not be found responsible in scenarios where there is a delay or non-delivery of products due to unforeseen incidents like natural calamities, fire, war, or other acts that do not fall under our control.

We request our users to make transactions only using your own credit card, if required. Nativekart.com shall not be liable to any fraudulence occurred in making your credit card transaction.

Hyperlinking to other websites

As you browse through our websites, users may find hyperlinking to external websites. At this juncture, we articulate that these external websites do not fall under the control of Nativekart.com. Neither the contents nor the policies of these third party websites fall under our liability. By including these hyperlinking, it does not, by any chance, mean that we endorse or recommend products, contents or services of these sites, and are purely shared for the purpose of convenience to our users.

Legal compliance

Users of NativeKart.com shall agree to comply with the applicable legal rules and regulations including Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999 and the mentioning thereunder, and Exchange Control Manual structured by the Reserve Bank of India. By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you also extend compliance with Information and Technology Act, 2000 that is amended from the Information Technology Act 2008, and Foreign Contribution Regulation Act, 1976, and Prevention of Money Laundering Act, 2002. Income Tax Act 1961 and the rules falling under the same are also applicable for the users of Nativekart.com.


We have invested our best efforts to assure correctness of information provided on our website. However, we do not guarantee authenticity of these information or any other representation, information shared pertaining to our products or services. Shall there be any loss or damage caused directly, indirectly or consequentially due to irrelevance of our contents, NativeKart shall not be liable for the same.

In addition, we shall also not be responsible for being unable to use any of our services or products caused due to technical errors or other reasons.

Also in conditions of unauthorized user data transmission or alteration, Nativekart shall not be held responsible.